PowerBack 3000VA

GHS 4,404.00

Clean, reliable, Pure Sinewave power inverter/charger




The PB3000 is designed to provide power when it is needed most. Once installed by a qualified electrician and fitted with the recommended battery, you will enjoy many years of maintenance free operation. Sollatek recommends that you use deep cycle batteries with a minimum capacity per battery of 100Ah. 2 x 12V 100Ah batteries connected in series will provide 100Ah @ 24V. However, 200Ah is the recommended minimum ampere hour capacity per battery to provide a useful back up time when power is lost.

– Total load capacity 3000 VA

– System battery 24V

– Highly efficient back up when critically needed

– Clean, reliable, Pure Sinewave power

– Fast transfer time (15 millisecond) comparable to offline/line interactive UPS

– Transfer time configurable to cope with Genset output power

– Three step intelligent charging to reduce recharge time

– Intelligent fan cooling determined by the load

– Supports heavy duty appliances like air conditioners

– Comprehensive LCD display

– Fully configurable by end user

– “Power Saving Mode”

– Overload, short circuit, high temperature protection

– Low battery alarm

– Suitable for all type of appliances, electrical and electronic equipment

– Compact in size (excluding batteries and installation accessories)


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