AVR 3 Phase 20Amps to 3000Amps

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The Sollatek three phase AVR is made of three identical single phase regulator units providing independent control. The three phase range boasts the same standard features with one of the widest ranges as standard in the industry. A number of options are available, making the three phase range a very comprehensive source of secure, stable power.


The Sollatek AVR range is easy to order. All units are rated by the number of AMPS per phase and the input/output range. For example:



Model Amps Per phase
kVA Weight (KG) Dims (mm)
AVR3x20 20 14 100 450x635x850
AVR3x30 30 21 150 450x635x850
AVR3x50 50 34 210 500x685x1060
AVR3x75 75 52 285 600x735x1110
AVR3x100 100 69 400 500x835x1280
AVR3x150 150 103 450 500x835x1280
AVR3x250 250 172 675 680x1200x1990
AVR3x300 300 207 735 680x1200x1990
AVR3X400 400 276 790 680x1200x1990
AVR3X700 700 483 1500 1360x1200x1990
AVR3x800 800 552 1590 1360x1200x1990
AVR3X900 900 621 1700 1360x1200x1990
AVR3X1000 1000 690 1850 1360x1200x1990


Up to 3000Amps available, contact Sollatek for more details.

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20Amps, 30Amps, 50Amps, 75Amps, 100Amps, 150Amps, 200Amps, 250Amps, 300Amps, 400Amps, 700Amps, 800Amps, 900Amps, 1000Amps, Up to 3000Amps available, contact Sollatek for more details.


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