About Sollatek



Sollatek UK was founded in 1983 to exploit the patented design for an Automatic Voltage Switcher or AVS. Sollatek (UK) Ltd has since become one of the leading makers of specialist products to protect electrical and electronic equipment.

Internationally Sollatek now has offices in 14 countries and an active distribution network in 24 more. Sollatek has grown rapidly to become a truly global power management and solar products company. The AVS was the first in what has become a complete family of products designed to deal effectively with electrical disturbances, such as low and high voltage, spikes, surges and backsurges that are increasingly common in the mains electricity supply that can damage or even destroy your valuable electrical equipment.

All research & development of Sollatek products is done at its 15,000 square feet facility in Slough, England, while manufacturing is done in China & Egypt where they are shipped to over 190 countries worldwide.

West African Operation


Sollatek Electronics Ghana Ltd has been in operation since 1991 as the sole authorized agent for Sollatek products and the owner of the Sollatek franchise in Ghana. Our Head Office is in Accra. We operate as a wholesale and distribution outfit and sell our products through a region-wide network of distributors. We have attempted to ensure that a Sollatek distributor exists in every major town in Ghana.


Commitment to Quality


Sollatek aims to become the leading supplier in its chosen markets and acknowledges that only through the highest level of commitment to providing the best quality and the best price can this goal be achieved and maintained.

Therefore to ensure that all products are manufactured to the highest standards stage-by-stage inspection and assessment is carried out during manufacture culminating in final and full functionality testing to IEC standards.

Each year a substantial proportion of revenue is invested in product research and development programs, which a highly qualified and experienced team of engineers works to enhance and improve existing products, as well as to pursue innovative new ideas.